A little cilantro with that cake

Well Tucker is the big one year old now. He didn’t tear into his cake too bad. I was surprised because he sure loves to make a mess. I made a cake with chocolate icing and then a wave of creativity came over me at the last minute when I saw his little toy tractor and some hot cocoa powder. So I stuck the tractor on the cake and used the cocoa powder to make like little rows like in a farmer’s field. Then I saw the little cilantro plant on the counter and picked off a few little leaves which I stuck in the rows like little sprouts growing in the field. Yes, I’m a little crazy, but it looked really cute.
Anyway, long story short, when we put the birthday cake in front of him Tucker didn’t do much except pick the little cilantro spouts and try to eat those instead of digging into the chocolate icing. He did lick the icing off the tractor wheels though.
You should have seen my sister’s face when she first looked at the cake and said “Oh, that’s cute” with a
“you’re crazy” undertone. She thought I had used clover from the front yard to make the little sprouts on the cake! I told her I’m crazy, but not that crazy. She was very reassured though when I told her, “no–it’s not clover, it’s cilantro.” Ha!
The other thing he did take delight in eating was the wrapping paper. When it came time to open presents, every time Tucker tore off a little piece of wrapping paper, he took it straight to the mouth. That boy loves to eat paper. I’d grab each and every piece as he opened his gifts — and over and over again he tried to take a bite of the wrapping paper. Scrap paper seems to be his favorite thing to pick up and eat.
Don’t worry, I’m sure the baby boy got to eat at least a little wrapping paper for his birthday, though I did try to grab most of it!