A boring week at crime fighting central

Our officers handled 52 calls for service and conducted 53 traffic stops. The traffic stops resulted in citations on 37 stops while warnings were given on 16 of them.
What a boring week here at crime fighting central (Lytle PD). We didn’t arrest anyone and only took one report of a property crime. That crime was a “beer run” at the H.E.B. C-Store and in that event two males entered the store and took off with 2 cases of beer valued at $30. With school back in session and all that’s going on I’m thinking the crooks are avoiding Lytle because there is too much traffic…..kind of how I think when my wife wants to go somewhere on Bandera Rd. in San Antonio.
I took some time off last week so my wife and I could attend the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team National Law Enforcement Retreat. This was the first one held outside of North Carolina and it took place at the Horseshoe Bay Resort and Conf. Center which was only about a two hour drive for us. It was an awesome time with great worship music and speakers with solid messages. We met cops and their spouses from all over the country. It really helped shed light on the stresses of law enforcement and the support and understanding needed to be the spouse of a cop.
I made it back into town in time to attend the annual banquet of Lytle VFW Post 12041. The Lytle VFW always puts on a nice event and they recognized lots of community members, I was fortunate enough to be selected as the Police Officer of the Year. They were smart enough to keep me from getting a hold of the mic because I had a 30 minute acceptance speech ready to go. Our very own Mayor Mark Bowen won a $50 gift card in a door prize drawing and would you believe that guy donated it back so someone else could win it? He is either a super fellow or wasn’t thinking straight.