A BIG, HUGE Thank You to the local volunteer firefighters !!!

By: Victoria Arredondo and Kayleen Holder
This week we would like to recognize the many volunteers at Natalia, Devine, Bigfoot, and Moore Volunteer Fire Departments. Together, these men and women have responded to over 1,000 calls for help in 2023. Whether that call comes in at 2 o’clock in the morning or on a Saturday afternoon, these men and women sacrifice many hours to be there in our times of need. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our local communities!

Natalia Volunteer Fire Department
Albert Saldana—FF, EMT P
Andres Flores—FF
Brandi Byrd—FF
Bryan Graham—FF, President
Charles Potter—FF
Chuck Brown—FF, Fire Chief
Chuck Byrd—FF
Cory Bradley—FF
Dana Francis —FF, EMT
Daniel Hill— FF
Danny Sanchez—FF
David Sanchez —FF
Derrick Caddell— FF
Gilbert Rodriguez —FF, Assistant Chief, Treasurer
Gregory Cargile —FF, Assistant Chief
Jacob Salinas —FF
Jesus Castellanos—FF
Josh Helton—FF
Justin Newman—FF
Mable Byrd—FF
Marcus Esquibel—FF
Michael Broderick—FF
Mindy Newman—FF
Myra Albarado—FF
Nicholas Hughan—FF
Robert Juarez—FF
Russell Johnson—FF, Assistant Chief, EMT P
Samuel Sanchez—FF
Saul Castellanos—FF
Star Byrd—FF
Viola Potter—FF, EMT LP, Secretary
Natalia VFD responded to 214 calls in 2023.

Bigfoot Volunteer Fire Department
Mark Leach—Fire Chief
Barry Jetton—Asst. Fire Chief
Bobby Grubb—Captain
Denise Woody—Lieutenant, EMT-B
Dennis Woody—Lieutenant
Pate McCormick—Firefighter
Gibbs Romero—Firefighter
Garrett Fritz—Firefighter
Drew Gruen—Firefighter
Rudy Gomez—Firefighter
Andy Lacy—Firefighter, EMT-P
Bigfoot Fire Department responded to 179 calls in 2023.

Moore Volunteer Fire Department
J.D. Earls – Chief
Richard Hitchcock – Asst. Chief
David Croft – Captain
Stephanie Earls – Captain
Justin Ross – Lieutenant
Luis Aguilar – FF
Mario Gonzales – FF
Galilea Willis – FF
Jessica Allen – FF
Mikey Pena – FF
Tucker Pesl-Webb – FF
Christopher Earls – FF
Tucker Jennings – FF
Cindy Gimmestad – FF
Katie Croft – FF
John Hitchcock– FF
Derek Allen – FF
Maria Molina – FF
Sydney Williams – FF
Thomas Vara – FF
Juan Davila – FF
Reserve Fire Fighters
Wes Myers – Reserve
Chuck Compton – Reserve
Moore Fire Department responded to 303 calls in 2023.

Devine Volunteer Fire Department
Chief Greg Atkinson
Assistant Chief Jessica Martinez
Lt. Stephen Scott DeLucia – President of the BOD
Henry Salas – BOD Treasurer
Lucas Thomas – BOD Secretary
Barry Haywood – BOD Member at large & Auxiliary
Michael Barrera – Chaplain
Lt. William Lay
Lt .Wes Williams
Matthew Bowers
Kevin Clinnin
Seth DeLeon
Daniel Ehlinger
Alexandra Espinosa
Asiah Espinosa
Mekhi Hayes
Bryan Hill
Kenneth Kuykendall
Phyllis Martin
Robert Pequeno Jr.
Devon Salyers
Eugene Sanchez
Raquel Seaton
Eric Seddon
Timothy Shapovalov
Tanner Shields
Clint Watson
Shelly Watson
Ewan Bowers – Junior Firefighter
Greg Espinosa – Junior Firefighter
Selah Horton – Junior Firefighter
Brooklin Joseph – Junior Firefighter
Matthew Pequeno – Junior Firefighter
Alvin Mann III – Junior Firefighter
Nakita Atkinson – Auxiliary
Kandace Ehlinger – Auxiliary
Vianney Hill – Auxiliary
Julissa Pequeno – Auxiliary
Felicia Villarreal – Auxiliary
Heather Schultz – Office Manager
Devine Fire Department responded to 312 calls in 2023.