8th Lady Pirates fall to Wolves

Starting off nervous in their first game of the season, the 8th Grade Lady Pirates quickly warmed up after watching the 7th Grade team crush the Wolves.
Leading 4-2 at the half, the Lady Pirates played aggressively but that led to a couple of players on the bench due to fouling out. The Pirates stopped Dilley from scoring in the third but only added 2 points themselves. In the final quarter, Dilley came to life and “with a couple of fouls in the Wolves favor, hitting 3 free throws and two lays-up to beat the Pirates 11-7. Our Pirates had some great defensive plays by Andrea Garza, Jaylen Villarreal, Isabell Sewell, Eliana Cruz, Romana Perez, Langley Hutton, Svetlana Lopez, Kiki Sanchez, Alex Dominguez, and Ljiljana Georgie that managed to hold the Wolves off,” said Coach Denise Cordero. Scoring for Lytle was Romana Perez 4 points, Isabella Sewell 1 point, and Kiki Sanchez 2 points.
The 8th Grade Lady Pirates did not have a game this week and will play again on December 2nd against Cotulla in the Lytle High School gym at 6pm.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer