8th Grade Maroon Fillys continue undefeated streak

With their fifth district win of the season, the 8th Grade Maroon Fillys continue their undefeated streak. Poteet put up a defensive challenge and it was a great fight for the Fillys to play against. They won 25-20 and 25-11. “Defensively, Poteet has been the best team we’ve played in the district. Though they rarely set up an offense, their defense picked up much of what we threw at them! Poteet did not block at all which forced all six players to drop back and play defense and they did a great job. But it also hurt them not to have a block on the front row to slow our hits down a bit. In the end, the Filly team just dominated! Great job girls!!” said Coach Shana Beaty.
ACES: Kaylee Romano 1, Lizbeth De Los Santos 1. HITS: Brooklyn Miller 6, Rylee Esquibel 6, Macky Schnautz 6, Denise Contreras 3, Avery Mobley 2, Makayla Rivera 1. KILLS: Miller 4, Esquibel 3, Contreras 2, Schnautz 1, Rivera 1. ASSISTS: Kate Featherly 7, Contreras 1, Schnautz 1. OFFENSIVE SERVE RECEIVES: Kelsey Dishman 5, Kaylee Romano 5, Esquibel 4, De Los Santos 4, Yancey Parson 2, Brooklyn Miller 2, Contreras 1. BLOCKS: Rivera 1. DIGS: Dishman 4, Kaylee Romano 4, Parson 1, Miller 1, Featherly 1, Rivera 1, Hilary Barnett 1.
Crystal City
In their second meeting of Crystal City this season, the 8th Grade Maroon Fillys were more prepared for what they would be facing. They beat Crystal City quickly and with Filly pride 25-6 and 25-9 on October 7th. “Every player contributed something positive for the team whether it was on the court or from the bench. I’m very proud of their efforts. Great job girls!” said Coach Shana Beaty.
ACES: Kelsey Dishman 4, Brooklyn Miller 3, Rylee Esquibel 2. HITS: Esquibel 7, Avery Mobley 6, Macky Schnautz 4, Miller 3, Makayla Rivera 3, Kate Featherly 1. KILLS: Esquibel-4, Miller 1, Featherly 1, Rivera 1, Mobley 1, Schnautz 1. ASSISTS: Featherly 4, Dishman 4. OFFENSIVE SERVE RECEIVES: Lizbeth De Los Santos 3, Yancey Parson 1, Kaylee Romano 1, Schnautz 1. DIGS: Romano 4, Parson 3, Dishman 1, and Rivera 1.
The Fillys will play in Pearsall October 21st and then at home October 28th against Carrizo Springs. Overall the team is 11-1 and 6-0 in district.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer