8th Grade Gold Fillys remain undefeated

Undefeated this season, the 8th Grade Gold Fillys knocked down every opponent that is set before them and Poteet was no different. The Fillys beat the Lady Aggies in two sets at 25-5 and 18-10 on Monday, September 30th. “These girls played really well. We did not get the opportunity to rotate all the way around, so I had to make some adjustments the second game in order for everyone to get playing time. I’m very proud of these girls for working hard at playing at their level and not their opponent’s level. In volleyball, that’s very hard to do sometimes, but they did it; and we will PRESS ON!!! Congratulations girls! Another win on your belt and still UNDEFEATED!” stated Coach Shana Beaty.
ACES: Iris Stricker 5, Alissa Zamora 2. HITS: Zoe Ortiz 1, Reese Duncan 1, Savannah Pequeno 1. KILLS: Duncan 1. ASSISTS: Ortiz 1. OFFENSIVE SERVE RECEIVES: Stricker 2, Alanna Monreal 1, Brynlea Byrd 1, Reese Duncan 1, Liah Romero 1. DIGS: Sabrina Lindsey 2, Stricker 1, Savannah Pequeno 1, Byrd 1.
Crystal City
6-0 with only a few district games left, the 8th Grade Gold Filly are on track to have another undefeated season. The Fillys beat Crystal City 25-4 and 25-11. “This group of girls are still going strong. We did not get the chance to play in all six rotations, so we changed the line-up in the 2nd game so every player hopefully played equal time. The girls did a great job trying to run an offense if/when the ball came back over. I’m very proud of them,” said Coach Shana Beaty.
ACES: Iris Stricker 4, Bailey Ornelas 3, Zoe Ortiz 1, Brynlea Byrd 1, Mia Hernandez 1. HITS: Reese Duncan 4, Ortiz 2, Austin Little 1, Liah Romero 1. KILLS: Duncan 1, Little 1, Romero 1. ASSISTS: Ornelas 1, Ortiz 1. OFFENSIVE SERVE RECEIVES: Stricker 1, Savannah Pequeno 1, Little 1. DIGS: Alanna Monreal 1, Ortiz 1, Mia Hernandez 1.
The Gold Fillys are now 9-1 overall and 6-0 in district with Pearsall on October 21st and Carrizo Springs October 28th.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer