8th Grade Fillys win home tournament

On Saturday, September 21, the 8th Grade Fillys beat every team they faced in their home tournament to win the Championship trophy. “This tournament was so much fun for the girls! They all played so well. Of course, we still have things we need to work on. Lytle played hard and gave much effort in the Championship game. I was pleased that Lytle gave the girls a challenge on the court,” Coach Shana Beaty said.
In the first game against Natalia, the Fillys were able to win in two sets at 25-17 and 25-11. A lot of the work came off the front row with 9 kills from the team and assists coming from Kate Featherly and Zoe Ortiz.
Aces: Kate Featherly 1, Rylee Esquibel 1, LizBeth Delos Santos 1. Hits: Esquibel 10, Mackayla Schnautz 8, Brooklyn Miller 7, Makayla Rivera 3, Denise Contreras 3. Kills: Esquibel 4, Schnautz 2, Miller 2, Zoe Ortiz 1. Assists: Featherly 5, Ortiz 1, Contreras 1. Offensive Serve Receives: Brooklyn Miller 8, Lizbeth Delos Santos 6, Kelsey Dishman 5, Kaylee Romano 5, Esquibel 5, Yancey Parson 2, Featherly 2, Hilary Barnett 2, and Rivera 1. Digs: Delos Santos 3, Dishman 2, Parson 1, Romano, Miller 1, Featherly 1, Barnett 1, Esquibel 1.
The Fillys second game against Pleasanton went just as well with the back row digging out hits from the Eagles. Barrnett, Esquibel, Dishman, Miller, Romano, Contreras, and Delos Santos all earned digs in this game. The Fillys won 25-11 and 25-10.
Aces: Romano 3, Barnett 1, Ortiz 1. Hits: Miller 9, Contreras 5, Esquibel 4, Rivera 2, Schnautz 2, Delos Santos 1, Dishman 1. Kills: Miller 3, Esquibel 2, Contreras 1, Featherly 1. Assists: Featherly 4, Dishman 1. Offensive Serve Receives: Dishman 4, Romano 4, Miller 3, Parson 2, Barnett 1, Rivera 1. Digs: Barnett 4, Esquibel 3, Dishman 3, Miller 1, Romano 1, Contreras 1, Delos Santos 1.
In the championship game against Lytle, the team had to work the hardest to earn the win. Esquibel, Miller, Featherly, and Ortiz were able to find holes in the Pirate defense for aces. The Fillys won the first set 25-17 and then fought hard in the second to win 25-17.
Aces: Esquibel 4, Miller 1, Featherly 1, Ortiz 1. Hits: Esquibel 6, Schnautz 6, Miller 5, Featherly 3, Contreras 1, Dishman 1, Delos Santos 1. Kills: Esquibel 4, Schnautz 2, Miller 2, Contreras 1. Assists: Featherly 6. Offensive Serve Receives: Dishman 10, Barnett 8, Romano 5, Parson 5, Delos Santos 4, Featherly 3, Miller 3, Esquibel 3, Schnautz 3, Denise Contreras 1. Digs: Dishman 14, Delos Santos 5, Barnett 5, Romano 3, Parson 3, Miller 2, Esquibel 2.
“I really want to work on blocking and defensive coverage this next week to prepare girls for the Poth tournament,” Coach Beaty said. “I think the teams we will face at this next tournament will set up a strong offense against us; and these girls have not really had the opportunity to play against teams that play at a higher level, so I’m really looking forward to those games coming up. We will play Carrizo Springs on Monday at home, so we’ll be ready to play! Let’s bring home another WIN! Congratulations Girls! I am so proud of you all! UNITY IS THE KEY!!!!”
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer