8th grade Fillys sweep Crystal City

Lindsey Herrera and a teammate stand ready to receive serve.

The 8th grade Fillys won their games against Crystal City last Monday.
“The girls brought home a win but it wasn’t pretty,” Coach Shana Beaty said. “Both A and B teams missed 27 serves total and if we keep missing that many serves we are going to struggle for wins.”
Fillys Maroon vs. Crystal City
The Maroon team played three games, winning two 25-20, 24-26, and 25-21.
Offensively, the Fillys had a total of 14 aces; C. Martinez 6, L. Herrera 5, K. Geyer 2, and A. Pompa 1. They also had 20 hits, led by D. Alvarez, K. Duncan and M. Hein who each provided 4. They were followed by B. Torres with 3, K. Yeats with 2 and Martinez, Herrera, and Y. Garza each with 1. There were 6 assists; Pompa 3, Hein 2 and Herrera 1. They also had 7 kills; Yeats and Hein with 2 each and Alvarez, Duncan, and Garza each with 1.
Defensively, they had 1 block made by Torres and 8 digs provided by Martinez 3, Pompa 3, and Herrera 2.
“Crystal City did a good job on defense as they returned many of our attacks,” Coach Beaty said. “The Fillys were able to handle the pressure when it was needed to ultimately win the game.”
Fillys Gold vs. Crystal City
The Gold played two games, winning both 24-10 and 22-15.
Offensively, they had 7 aces; Chasity R. 4 and Jackie W., Samantha L., and Kendall M. each with 1. There were 2 hits made by Emily C. and Irene S. They also had 4 assists; Jackie 2, and Samantha and Chasity each with1.
“Crystal has really improved since we played them the first time but not enough to catch up to the Fillys,” Coach Beaty said. “Even though we won this game, my girls weren’t mentally ready to play and we missed too many serves to count. But luckily the outcome was a win.”