8th grade Fillys beat Carrizo Springs to win District

Darian Alvarez bumps the ball as teammate Yessika Garza gets ready to assist.

The 8th grade Maroon and Gold teams defeated Carrizo Springs to complete their undefeated season and claim the district title. The Maroon team won 25 -18 and 25-7, while the Gold team won 25-8 and 25-13.
“I am really going to miss coaching these girls,” Coach Shana Beaty said. “I have had them all of middle school, so I have a soft spot for them. I am so proud of their seasons.”
Fillys Maroon
Offensively, the Maroon Fillys had 7 aces by Herrera and Hein with 2 each and Martinez, Crossland, and Pompa with 1each. There were a total of 23 hits; Duncan 6, Alvarez 5, Martinez 4, Shook 3, Hein 2, and Yeats 1. Two girls had assists, Pompa with 6, and Hein with 2. They also had 9 kills; Alvarez 3, Duncan 2, and Martinez, Shook, Gerlach, and Pompa each with 1.
Defensively there was one block made by Alvarez. The Fillys also scored 6 digs; Reyna 2, and Martinez, Herrera, Crossland, and Pompa each with 1.
“They went undefeated in District and only lost two games this season,” Coach Beaty said. “They are smart, competitive, hard-working and even goofy at times and we had a “ball” together! I can’t wait to watch them play basketball. Congratulations on a great volleyball season!”
Fillys Gold
Offensively the Fillys scored 8 aces; Marek 4, Reyes 3, and Torres 1. They had 7 hits; Cruz and Marek each with 2, and Good, Brogdon1, and Torres each with 1. There were 5 assists; White 2, and Good, Marek, and Saunders each with 1. They also scored 4 kills made by Cruz, Lascano, Marek and Torres.
Defensively they had 9 digs; Cruz and Reyes each with 3, and Crossland, Marek, and Sanchez each with 1.
“These girls went undefeated in district and probably could have beaten the Maroon team in district or at least gave them a good game,” Coach Beaty said. “They were so fun and I’m so glad to have coached them. They are such a great group of girls!”
By Abby Kohlleppel
Staff Writer