8th grade Colts crush Comfort 40-16

Marcus Rodriguez hauls in a pass over a Comfort defender.

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It was a night of big touchdowns and impressive plays from the Colts last Thursday with a final score of 40-16 against Comfort. On the combined Maroon and Gold teams’ third play of the game, Jaieden Burford threw a pass to Marcus Rodriguez for a 55 yard touchdown. Blain Davis ran the next touchdown in from 45 yards out and Nate Ramirez ran in a 45 yard touchdown. During the 2 point conversion, Aiden Zapata trampled a defender to get the ball in and score. The first quarter ended 20-0.
Marcus Rodriguez stared off the second quarter with a 19 yard touchdown run. “Last play of the 1st half was a reverse pass from Aaron Saenz to Burford. The ball was tipped in the air and Jaiden grabbed it and outran everyone for an 80 yard TD. Tracen Rice ran in the 2 point to make the 1st half score 34-0,” reported Coach Lon Cozby.
With the JV Warhorses’ game after the 8th grade Colts, the referees decided to run the clock during the second half. It was in the 4th quarter that Comfort was finally able to break through the Colts’ defense and score with a 67 yard touchdown pass and the 2 point conversion.
“On the ensuing kickoff Rodriguez caught the ball off the bounce and ran straight up the middle of some great blocking to take it all the way back 81 yards and the TD. Burford passed to Jathan Razo for the 2pt. We thought he caught it but the referee said incomplete,” said Coach Cozby. One final drive from Comfort would add another 8 points and the final score was 40-16.
“We played great on both sides of the ball. This is the most points this group has scored this year. It shows how hard the kids practice and their determination to be the best. This was a great warm up game for our good ol rivalry game this coming week AT HONDO!” – Coach Cozby
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer