8th Gold Fillys knock down Carrizo

Beating Carrizo Springs 24-8, and 23-10, the 8th Grade Gold Fillys advanced their record to 3-0 overall and 3-0 in district. They will face Pearsall on October 5th at home and then in Hondo on October 12th.
“The girls played as well as they could, considering how much Carrizo struggled to put the ball in play. But they were happy to take home another win!” Coach Shana Beaty
Points from serves: Kyra Olson 12, Maddie Frazier 4, Natalie Valle 7, Naudia Wurzback 2, Amya Polen 7, McKinze Savage 1, Shelby Richardson 4. Aces: Olson 4, Frazier 2, Valle 1, Polen 3. Hits: Brooke Thompson 1, Savage 1, Richardson 1. Kills: Thompson 1, Savage 1. Assists: Olson 1, Valle 1. Offensive Receive: Wurzbach 3, Richardson 1.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer