8th Maroon Fillys face Carrizo Springs

With a split overall record at 2-2 and 1-2 in district, the 8th Grade Maroon Fillys are learning what it takes to fight back. They fell 23-25 and 23-25 to Carrizo Springs on September 21st.
“Offensively, Carrizo’s A team rarely set up any kind of attack during the game. They did nothing but serve and they served well. We struggled with serve receive from the time the game started. But we fought back and got our score from 11-23 to 23-24. Charlee Rangel did a great job of staying focused and kept her serves going until the very end! We lost both games 23-25 and the girls knew they were the better team. They can’t wait to play them again. They definitely had something to prove.” Coach Shana Beaty
Aces: Charlee Rangel 2, Katie Rios 1, Abbie Saunders 1, Skylar Blanton 1. Hits: Aiyanna Rodriguez 1, Skylar Blanton 13, Madison Brown 1, Roxie McKee 1, Hannah Brummage 1, Maddie DuBose 5. Kills: Rodriguez 1, Blanton 4, Brummage 1, DuBose 2. Assists: Oakley Malone 3. Offensive Receives: Kourtni Geyer 2, Rangel 5, Rios 2, Brown 5, Brummage 1. Digs: Rangel 1, Rios 3, Saunders 1, Ana Cale Harrison 1, Blanton 2, Brummage 1. Points from serves: Geyer 5, Rangel 13, Malone 3, Rios 8, Saunders 4, Harrison 1, Brown 1, Blanton 3.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer