7th Fillys close out ’23-’24 basketball season

7th Grade Filly Basketball Team…..Back row- #44 Karsyn Mann, #32 Emma McIver, Coach Kara Stacy, #33 Kallisyn Bedford, #4 Amy Outlaw, front row- #12 Megan Miller,#3 Jessa Mata,#1 Hali Carroll, #15 Dresden Talamantes, and #21 Presley Freeburn

Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer
Coach Kara Stacy and her 7th grade Fillys played their final games of the 2023-2024 season in Uvalde last Monday evening. The B-Team began the night with a heartbreaking, 14-12 loss while the A-Team finished on a high note 32-9.
“There is a lot of potential in this 7th grade group for both teams and I can’t wait to see what they will do next year and beyond!” Stacy said in general about her squad moving forward next season.
The B-Team Fillys put their heart and soul into this final game, but sometimes the ball just does not bounce in a team’s…

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