54 service calls

Officers handled 54 service calls for the week ending Sunday Dec. 23. We conducted 28 traffic stops of which 25 resulted in citations.
Our little city was a bustling place as everyone was getting ready for Christmas. We had a light dose of crooks bustling around as well. A gas line was cut and a part taken from a parked vehicle on Priest Blvd. at the Hack Building. We are reviewing some video on that case. Some unknown person or persons damaged the sink in the men’s concession stand restroom at John Lott Park. We aren’t reviewing video because we don’t have cameras in the restrooms, thank God. That was it for property crimes.
Our arrests this past week were also somewhat lackluster. A traffic stop resulted in a cite and release for drug paraphernalia. An officer observed a theft of scrap metal from an abandoned building (the old Pico Store) and he also cited and released that person for theft. The only person we took to jail walked up to Ofc. Lopez and I and turned himself in. He had a warrant out of Travis Co. He had walked all the way from his home on Highway 211 in Bexar Co. It sure says a lot of our department that someone would walk that far to turn themselves into us, or maybe he just got tired of walking.
We had an assist EMS call where a customer passed out in the checkout lane at H.E.B. Plus. That almost happens to me every time I check out and see the grand total.
Please remember that our city’s fire code prohibits the discharge of fireworks in our city limits. Sure it may seem to take the fun away but it creates a safer environment and saves you money too.