50 service calls

Here is the latest snapshot of police activity from the big city of Lytle. Last week officers responded to 50 service calls and handed out 23 citations for traffic violations. It was a big tie for first place with speeding and no insurance each getting 6.
Not too much to report this past week. We picked up 2 forgery/fraud cases. One involved the use of the victim’s identification to withdraw money and the other involved the passing of fake checks. We also had two criminal mischiefs, one was a window knocked out of a car and the other was a vehicle being kicked and dented and a rearview mirror being torn off. I’m glad we didn’t pick up too many cases, our criminal investigations division (CID) only has about 10 active cases (not counting the tire slasher case) but unfortunately 3 of those cases involve serious felonies crimes against children.
What a tragedy in Las Vegas; our prayers go out to all those involved. My wife is not a big fan of the news, she says it’s just too depressing so she is not a “news junkie” like me. Canadian country music star Anne Murray really hit on that point in her 1983 #1 hit “A Little Good News,” if you aren’t familiar with the song it’s worth checking out on YouTube.
Last week Captain Reyes visited with about 100 Pre K students at Lytle Primary for a community helper event. He must have been a hit, he came back to the police station with a huge bag of candy, and not the cheap stuff either. I tried my best to stay away from it but it was like a big magnet pulling me in.
Every now and then you may think to yourself “Does Chief Priest ever make a mistake?” The answer is of course I do, all of us legendary lawman have our ups and downs. Just last week I was headed through Batesville on Hwy 57 and lo and behold I looked up and the red and blue lights were flashing in my rearview mirror. I figured this Zavala Co. Deputy Sheriff recognized me and wanted to take a photo with me or something. He said he “clocked me doing 52 in a 40,” he was a nice fellow and got right to the point. Come to find out he didn’t want a photo, but he did ask for my autograph. He also invited me back to meet the JP down there. I guess she wasn’t available right then so he said come back in 10 days, she must be a fan of mine too. Oh well, looks like an online defensive driving course is in my near future.