48 service calls

Here is the latest update from Lytle PD, it’s not nearly as interesting as watching the news. Only 48 calls for service this past week and nobody got arrested. We had a pretty good number of property crimes reported, lots of little stuff.
Two houses were “egged”, one on Wisdom Rd. and one on Magnolia St. My how things have changed, just 60 days ago people were standing in line to buy eggs to eat.
In other property crimes….A Gate St. resident reported that she believes a former roommate took some items & cash from her house. HEB Plus reported a person who had been “hitting” the self-checkouts, you know…not scanning everything. I am still paranoid at self-checkouts, I also double check, count the number of items twice, etc. I don’t want to accidently steal something. HEB also reported that a lady was about to head out the door with a basket full of meat. She abandoned it when she realized they were watching her. I sure love hearing those stories, the thief leaves empty handed.
On Saturday, Lt. Dear took two reports of firearm thefts. Brown’s Tackle and Gun reported that two handguns had been stolen in the last couple days. He believes a couple working as a team was involved. Lt. Dear then headed over to Railroad St. where the property owners reported that a very old handgun and two rifles (all .22 cal.) were taken from a storage box.
The “call of the week” was a theft case at Bealls. They reported a female concealed about $80 worth of items in her purse and left without paying. I guess she went into the restroom to shove stuff in her purse, as she was making room she must have left her wallet with all her ID on the lavatory. After reviewing everything, there was no doubt this was our thief. She needs to go back to crook school, rule #1 is never leave your ID at the crime scene.
Okay, if you are waiting for a comment on all this protesting and defunding the police stuff you are out of luck. I get myself in trouble when I comment on things that aren’t even controversial.
I saw in the local news that the City of Natalia might be “disbanding” their police department. I would use the word “defunding”; it is real popular these days.