45 calls for service

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, I stayed “low profile” and just hung around the house. It was a nice break in the action.
Officers responded to 45 calls for service this past week and issued 14 Class C citations.
The big and unusual crime this past week was an attempted robbery at the HEB C-Store gas pumps. At about 8:25 PM last Thursday a male suspect approached a female passenger of a vehicle. He demanded money and displayed a handgun, the store was pretty busy so we have several witnesses. He fled in a small black SUV being driven by a female. Luckily no one was hurt. We don’t have any leads at this moment.
On Friday morning Sgt. Hanson checked out a female behind the Bealls store and determined that she was a 17 year old run-a-way from Visalia, CA. She was transported to the juvenile detention center in Jourdanton, the last we knew her mother was on the way to pick her up.
At 2:54 AM on Thursday morning Ofc. Guzman was dispatched to McDonalds for a report of a customer that fell asleep in the drive thru. It was determined the 16 year old driver was in possession of marijuana, he was processed for intent to deliver based on what and how he had it. Now I have fallen asleep at a lot of places but never while I was waiting to get food, nope if I was about to eat it wouldn’t take too much to keep me awake.
It’s fireworks time! Well not in the city limits though. The discharge of fireworks is prohibited in the city limits. We really don’t want to go around giving people tickets for “shooting off” fireworks but we have a responsibility to enforce the law. It appears that some people get upset when they get up in the morning and their yard it littered with fireworks debris, imagine that.