18-wheeler catches fire after tire blows

Devine Fire Department was called to the scene of this 18-wheeler which caught on fire after having a blowout on I-35 at the Medina/Frio County line this past Christmas Eve, December 24 around 11:49 am.

“It looked like the fire started from the rear wheels after the driver blew a tire and kept driving,” said Devine Fire Chief Mike Walker. “The fire spread to the trailer walls, and thankfully crews were able to contain it to just the walls and not the contents of the trailer…. The truck was hauling car batteries, and you have to be careful with the acid in those, so if everything hadn’t been extinguished in time, and contained to the walls, we would have had to deal with a hazmat spill.”
On the call with Moore VFD were: Chief J. Earls, Captain C. Compton, Captain D. Croft, Lt. S. Earls, FF. J. Ross, and FF. M. Pena.
On the call with Devine VFD were: Austin Ehlinger, Daniel Ehlinger, David Ehlinger, Capt. Byrom Hruzek, Assistant Chief Christian Jones, Deputy Chief Robert Scott, and FF Micheal Saldana.