14 Lady Mustang powerlifter are Regional-Bound!

Bottom Row (l to r): Autumn Martinez, Ritzi Robles-Ocampo, Sofia Vera, Lorinda Garcia-Ramos, Abigail Fulton, Karianna Sanchez. Middle Row: Olivia Velasquez, Rubiana Juarez, Yara Robles-Ocampo, Eliana Flores-Garcia, Arriana Romero, Isabel Laque, Ashley Aguirre, Evalyn Valera, Danica Torrez. Top Row: Araceley Segovia. Not Pictured: Manager Kate Robinson.

R. Robles-Ocampo, Garcia-Ramos, Segovia, Flores-Garcia, Laque, Romero, Sanchez, Fulton, Velasquez, Martinez, Valera, Aguirre, Vera, & Y. Robles-Ocampo

Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer
Holy Smokes! Natalia has some strong young ladies heading to Regional at Bert Ogden Arean on February 29 as 14 Lady Mustangs qualified for Regional.
Wish seniors Ritzi Robles-Ocampo, Lorinda Garcia-Ramos, Araceley Segovia, Eliana Flores-Garcia, Isabel Laque, and Arriana Romero, juniors Karianna Sanchez, Abigail Fulton, and Olivia Velasquez, sophomores Autumn Martinez, Evalyn Valera, Ashley Aguirre, and freshmen Sofia Vera and Yara Robles-Ocampo the best of luck if you see them before they leave…

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