It was a birthday party kind of weekend for us with lots of little cousins celebrating birthdays. We had a party Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to go to, but Tucker’s been keeping me up partying all night long so I was just way too tired to go to the third party by the time Sunday rolled around. The first party was a sleepover party for all the little girl cousins, and I hung around for a little while (to get some cake ha ha). I like to sit and listen to all the crazy things the cousins say when they get together anyway. It’s entertaining.
Cousin Claire had an ice cream cake, and as the girls sat down around the little couch table to eat Cousin Addison offered one of her younger cousins some advice. In a very serious voice she said, “This is ice cream cake…It’s really good for you.”
I almost choked on mine.
Later three of the little girls sat around Tucker, admiring the baby. They passed him around for quite some time, and I was enjoying a little baby-free recliner time. Then one of them asked if she would be able to baby sit someday. I said “Of course…Tucker stays up all night; you can baby sit all night long!”
She screamed enthusiastically, “Let’s do it!”
She’s still a little young yet, so I knew she’d back out, but she continued asking, “So how much money do you pay?”
“Twenty dollars,” I answered.
“Oh never mind,” she said, very seriously. “I was thinking more like a thousand dollars.”
Well no wonder she was so excited about the idea to babysit!
Happy Birthday Claire, Harper, Caden, Wyatt, and Matthew!