Zimmerles visit Africa

Jack and Little Jack Zimmerle with a statue of Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, South Africa.

On a twenty day excursion trip in early June 2019, Jack and his son Little Jack Zimmerle visited Dubai and went on to Africa. In Zimbabwe, they hunted on a million acres known as the Mazunga Conservancy.
Electricity was run off of a generator that was only available for three hours each evening, so this basically consisted of a hot shower and lights.
Beds were surrounded by mosquito netting just like in the movies.
Here is where they spent 15 days hunting different species of animals, which were all donated to the surrounding villages. The locals were extremely thankful.

This cape buffalo was one of many animals the Zimmerles hunted and donated to local villages with the help of their guides.

The skill set of the trackers were amazing along with their work ethic.
Everything there is kept in a natural environment, wild and free.
Life there throughout the country is very hard, something we here in the United States are not accustom to. Everyone has to work to survive; it’s easy to forget how lucky we all are here in America.