Water system woes

Officers handled 55 calls for service and conducted 67 traffic stops. The data shows that 43 of those stops resulted in citations and the remaining 24 were either verbal or written warnings.
Police stuff we did last week – Officers served a warrant on a suspect in a shoplifting case at HEB Plus from last April. She agreed to turn herself in. Sgt. Hanson made a felony drug warrant arrest off of a traffic stop. Once he got the lady to jail the jailers found more narcotics hidden on her person, so she picked up another felony charge. Cpl. Robison and Ofc. Pena finished out the week by citing two solicitors for going door to door without a permit. I’m a little leery of door to door salespeople, I have seen way too many scams come through town.
If you were waiting for some interesting property crimes, well I’m sorry to let you down. We only had two reported last week. A license plate was taken off a trailer while parked at HEB and a fellow in Lake Shore Estates reported the glass on his back door was damaged.
Sad news fell upon us this weekend as we learned of the passing of JW Petrash. JW retired in April of 2018 after serving with us for over 8 years. He was a long time Lytle area resident. He joined our team after retiring with 20 years of service with the Alamo Heights Police Dept. Prior to that he spent 5 years with the Devine Police Dept. He was a good cop, but more importantly he was a great son, a great husband and a great father. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.
Water system woes! Last Friday we had a main water line break on Benton City Road (Somerset St.). The leak was repaired quickly but the system ran out of water before they were able to get it fixed. This required the city to issue a “boil water” notice until the water could be tested. Around noon on Saturday we got the good news that the test came back and we were able to lift the notice. Sure it was an inconvenience; we just expect water and electricity. Unfortunately, things like this happen. In a perfect world, we could have all our water services provided wirelessly and store our water in the “cloud” that everybody talks about (as opposed to water towers). Then if you had a water problem at your house you could just reboot your water meter router and it would fix most of the problems. Oh well, we aren’t there yet.
We sure are getting close to the annual free fireworks show. I heard somebody from the city was already buying up all the day old hot dog buns they could find in preparation for our event. This could just be rumor though. We should have a great fireworks show for sure, the Mayor told me so. I guess if you don’t like it we could offer to refund your parking and admission fees minus a small service charge.