A’Duh and Tucker

“Mooooom! Tucker hit me in the head and poked my eye and pulled my hair!” my daughter cried from the backseat.
“Wow, all of that?” I asked, having a hard time keeping from laughing, “Did he do anything else?”
And so, the brother and sister rivalries have begun I guess. I thought baby boy would be at least a little older than 1 before they started bickering. At least they aren’t old enough to argue over sitting in the front seat yet!
A’Dell is 9, so she is about 8 years older than him, but I know that won’t stop them from fighting. I argued and bickered with my youngest little sister plenty, and she is some 15 years younger than me.
They are so cute sometimes though. Every morning when Tucker wakes up, I pick him up and he starts calling for sissy as we walk by her room. She is usually sound asleep in her bed, but I see her eyes pop open at the sound of “A’Duh! A’Duh! A’Duh!” (his way of pronouncing her name. Then he’ll run to her and climb up on her bed. Actually he’ll climb right on top of her, and wrap his little arms around her neck for the biggest little hug. It’s so precious.
When they aren’t bickering, they are being as cute as can be, and I guess when they get to that age where they fight and argue constantly for the fun of it, I’ll be calling my mom.
“Mooooooom! We are coming to Grandma’s house!”