Varsity Mustangs win TSS-UTSA Meet

The Natalia Mustang Powerlifting team was able to win last Thursday’s Texas Strength Systems UTSA Meet in San Antonio. Natalia Mustang Seniors Michael Martinez, Uriel Arrelano and Paul Billalobos led the way for the boys in blue with three golds en route to the team title thanks to 52 team points which dominated the competition.
“Our boys came out and had truly a dominating performance,” Coach Tyler Seiler said. “We had three seniors lead the way and everyone else did their part to help secure the win.”
Natalia’s 52 team points beat 2nd place 5A Southwest Legacy (27) as well as Blanco (25), Devine (18), S.A. Memorial (17), Holy Cross (15), Seguin (11), Pleasanton (8), Marion (7), Canyon Lake (5), S.A. Kennedy (3), Jourdanton (2) and Yoakum (1).
Michael Martinez won the gold in his 220 lb. Weight class thanks to a 1,475 lb. Total. His total included a 625 lb. Squat, a 325 lb. Bench press and a 525 lb. Dead lift.
Arrellano won his 242 lb. Weight class, courtesy of a 1,555 lb. Total. His total included a 575 lb. Squat, a 450 lb. Bench press and a 530 lb. Dead lift.
Billalobos rounded out the gold medals in the 275 lb. Weight class with a 1,575 lb. Total. This included a 650 lb. Squat, a 360 lb. Bench press and a 565lb. Dead lift.
Other finishes for Natalia included (individual finish-squat-bench press-dead lift-total):
Anthony Garza (114 lb. wc) 3rd place 260-135-280-675, Donovan Hawkins (132 lb. wc) 2nd place 365-175-370-910,Gianni Rios (148 lb. wc)10th place 325-185-315-825, Wyatt Owens (148 lb. wc) 12th place 320-140-345-805, Roberto Hernandez (148 lb. wc) 15th place 280-145-325-750, Adrian Vasquez (165 lb. wc) 2nd place 530-260-520-1,310, Diego Zapata (165 lb. wc) 3rd place 495-235-435-1,165, Elijah Banda (165 lb. wc) 6th place 440-245-400-1,085, Chris Saldana (165 lb. wc) 9th 335-195-430-960, Saul Valadez (165 lb. wc) 400-220-330-950, Fabian Ruiz (181 lb. wc) 2nd place 440-205-460-1,105, Isaac Rios (181 lb. wc) 6th place 360-245-430-1,036, Jeremiah Gomez (198 lb. wc) 2nd place 455-260-450-1,165, Dustin Soto (242 lb. wc) 2nd place 535-270-530-1,335, Isaiah Sanchez (242 lb. wc) 3rd place 535-250-525-1,310, Gustavo Gomez (242 lb. wc) 5th place 570-270-390-1,230, Diego Hernandez (275 lb. wc) 4th place 440-265-435-1,140 and Aubrey Cummings (275 lb. wc) 7th place 410-195-445-1,050.
By Eric Smith
Staff Writer