Colts and Fillys track underway with “Ribbon Meet” in Pearsall

Colt Aaron Bonilla.

The Devine Middle School Colts and Fillys got their 2020 track season going last Thursday in a ribbon meet in Pearsall. As opposed to a normal track meet in which contestants get times, overall places and points, and medals, a “ribbon meet” recognizes places in each heat with top runners or field event participants getting a ribbon at the finish line.
“Even though there weren’t any medals or team awards, ribbon meets are a great way to get the nerves settled down for the real meets still to come,” said Head Track Coach Lon Cozby. “The 7th grade runners, throwers, and jumpers did well considering we have had little practice time and it was all of their first time to compete in a track meet. Even though most of the 8th graders have a year under their belt, they still got a little nervous competing for the first time this year as well. I felt bad for the events that didn’t get to run due to Pearsall imposing a time limit but those kids will get to run next week.”
Results (event, person, place (if achieved)
7th Colts: 100m Dash—Jacob Rodriguez-2nd, Hector Bernal-3rd, Dustin Beamish-4th; 200m Dash—Edwin Belor-2nd, Braydon Reyes-2nd, Dakota Beamish; 400m Dash—Tate Wisenbaker-3rd, Elijah Contreras-3rd, Jaysen Ramirez-4th; 800m Run—Anthony Saldivar-5th, Josh Mills, Taylor Hurst; 1600m Run—Carson Suhr-6th, Logan Davis, Mills; 2400m Run—Davis-7th, Hurst; 110m Hurdles—Tyler Pike-1st, Suhr-2nd, Reynaldo Quiroga-2nd; 300m Hurdles—Pike-3rd, Quiroga-4th, Erik Baltazar Dominguez-6th; 4x100m Relay—Belor, Bernal, Pike, Joseyandel Saavedra-2nd; 4x200m Relay—Belor, Evan Sanchez, Victor Perez, Saavedra—3rd; 4x400m Relay—Sanchez, Contreras, Anthony Saldivar, Wisenbaker-(DNR); Long Jump—Contreras-4th, Sanchez-5th, Reyes-6th; Shot Put—Samuel Diaz, Ruger Cote, Bernal; Discus—Bernal-2nd, EJ Gonzales-6th, Matthew Gomez; Triple Jump—Wisenbaker-3rd, Davis-6th; High Jump—Perez-2nd, Quiroga; Pole Vault—Ismael Torres-2nd, Ayden Leal-3rd, Saldivar.
8th Colts: 100m Dash—Ethan Santos-1st, Christopher Sanidad, Jason Sanidad; 200m Dash—Dominique Valerio, Jr.-1st, C. Sanidad-1st, J. Sanidad-2nd; 400m Dash—Samuel Guardiola-1st, Brandon Martinez-1st, Luke Friesenhahn-2nd; 800m Run—Stephan Culver, Gunnar Hershberger; 1600m Run—Culver, Jesse House (DNR); 2400m Run—House; 110m Hurdles—Aaron Bonilla-1st, Diego Gerlach-2nd, Josiah Martinez-4th; 4x100m Relay—Valerio, Jr., Bonilla, Ethan Santos, Gabriel Esquibel-1st; 4x200m Relay—Derrick Razo, Esquibel, Seth De Leon, Valerio, Jr.-1st; 4x400m Relay—Razo, Esquibel, Guardiola, De Leon-DNR; Long Jump—Bonilla-1st, Esquibel-2nd, Martinez; Shot Put—Adrian Beltran-2nd, Victor Schaefer-4th, Julian Gonzalez-6th; Discus—Corey Dirck-2nd, Wyatt Lafond-3rd, Roger Gutierrez, Triple Jump—Bonilla-2nd, Santos-3rd, Guardiola-6th; High Jump—Guardiola-4th, Friesenhahn-6th, Pollex Aguero-Munoz, Pole Vault—Aguero-Munoz-1st, Juan Rendon.
7th Fillys: 100m Dash—Oakley Malone-1st, Abigail Saunders-1st, McKayla Morris-2nd; 200m Dash—Airyanna Rodriguez-1st, Sounders-1st, Natalie Valle-2nd; 400m Dash—Kourtni Geyer-2nd, Allexus Pena-4th, Naudia Wurzbach-2nd; 800m Run—Gianah Yracheta-5th; 100m Hurdles—Kyra Olson-1st, Madison Frazier-1st, Geyer-3rd; 300m Hurdles—Skylar Blanton-1st, Katie Rios-2nd, Maudie Cortez-3rd; 4x100m Relay—Saunders, Brooke Thompson, Malone, Anna Cale Harrison-1st; 4x200m Relay—Rodriguez, Thompson, Charlee Rangel, Harrison-1st; 4x400m Relay—Pena, Blanton, Rangel, Harrison-DNR; Long Jump—Rodriguez-1st, Harrison-2nd, Valle-4th; Shot Put—Maddie DuBose-2nd, Roxanne McKee-4th, Lillian Sereno-5th; Discus—Sereno-1st, DuBose-3rd, Valle; Triple Jump—Blanton-1st, Yracheta-2nd, Rodriguez-3rd; High Jump—Thompson-1st, Cortez-4th, Pena; Pole Vault—Geyer-1st, Malone-2nd, Cortez.
8th Fillys: 100m Dash—Taylor Olson-1st, Brynlea Byrd-1st, Makayla Rivera; 200m Dash—Camryn Darby-1st, Kaylee Romano, Rivera; 400m Dash—Yaretzi Mercado-1st, Zoe Ortiz-4th; 800m Dash—Katelyn Joslin-1st, Madison Spicer-6th; 1600m Run—Joslin, Emiley Mares-(DNR); 100m Hurdles—Brooklyn Miller-1st, Kelsey Dishman-2nd, Kate Featherly-3rd; 300m Hurdles—Miller-1st, Dishman-2nd, Featherly; 4x100m Relay—Byrd, Olson, Romano, Rivera-3rd; 4x200m Relay—Darby, Romano, Esquibel, McKyenzie Flores-1st; 4x400m Relay—Ortiz, Hilary Barnett, Esquibel, Flores-DNR; Long Jump—Rivera-2nd, Byrd-5th, Dishman; Shot Put—Mackayla Schnautz-2nd, Denise Contreras, Mia Hernandez; Discus—Schnautz-6th, Viviana Torres, Ainsley Buvinghausen; Triple Jump—Featherly-2nd, Contreras-3rd, Mares; High Jump-Esquibel-5th, Sabrina Lindsey-6th, Samantha Vera; Pole Vault—Joslin-3rd.
Next up: The Colts and Fillys travel to Hondo on February 21.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer