Two fire calls

Lytle PD officers handled 50 calls for service last week and conducted 52 traffic stops. Of those traffic stops, 28 resulted in citations and 24 were either verbal or written warnings.
We had a slow week for property crimes. H.E.B. Loss Prevention provided a couple cases they were putting together, one was a shoplifter from August and the other was a forgery from last January. The crime of the week involved a missing wallet, the owner thinks maybe they dropped it and somebody picked it up. The crook tried to use their credit card, but luckily our complainant followed my crime prevention advice and had their card “maxed out.” I love it when a stolen credit card gets declined, not so much when mine does though.
Ofc. Sergio Pena cleared up 4 warrants off of one traffic stop, way to go Sergio! He stopped a fellow with a headlight out and when he identified the driver he found he had 3 warrants for possession of a controlled substance (felony) and 1 warrant for unlawfully carrying a weapon (misdemeanor). That happened to be our only arrest of the week as well.
In a rare event I was called out during both the early hours of Saturday (1 AM) for a vehicle fire and Sunday (3:45 AM) for a house fire. Lt. Dear came in on the Sunday call as well. Fortunately no one was injured in either case. We are blessed to have the Lytle Fire Dept. they are a great partner in providing public safety to our community. Neither of the fires was suspicious in nature. Lt. Dear handled a car fire earlier in the week as well. We both serve as Fire Marshals for the city but luckily most of that duty involves inspections and plan reviews.
On Saturday, Cpl. Robison attended the 20 year anniversary memorial service of honoring the three peace officers murdered in the “Atascosa Ambush.” The event was held at the Atascosa Co. Sheriff’s Office in Jourdanton. I was out of town and didn’t make it back in time to attend.
I was recognized at the Oct. Lytle City Council Meeting for completing 20 years of service with the city. It’s really hard to believe that I have been the Chief of Police for 20 years. I’m not big on public recognition and making a big deal out of something, as I have said in the past I prefer to work “in the shadows so that others can shine” (I think those words came from a George Jones song). That’s why I didn’t publicize the event, I didn’t want several hundred people showing up and taking the focus off the meeting and putting it on me. It’s hard to be humble (that’s a Mac Davis song).