Truck runs off bridge, 21-year-old Devine man loses life in terrible accident

A young man, Colton Michael Spurgers, sadly lost his life on Hwy 173 this past week. His vehicle was found in the creek bed on Friday, September 27 around 9:30 am after he veered off the highway sometime that morning. It happened about 6 miles north of Devine at Hwy 173 and Black Creek.
According to DPS, “A 2004 Ford F-150, driven by Colton Michael Spurgers, 21, of Devine was traveling northbound on TX 173. For reasons not yet known, Mr. Spurgers veered off the roadway and struck a guardrail over a dry creek. The impact caused the truck to go over the bridge and land in the creek bed.”
Sadly, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

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“You couldn’t see the vehicle from the road,” said Devine Fire Department Lieutenant Byron Hruzek. “The only way he was found is a passerby noticed the guardrail damage, and she asked her husband to stop and turn around so they could check thankfully.”
It was a tough and heart-breaking scene, and that was apparent in conversations with first responders.
“He was a local boy…he was only 2-3 miles from home,” Lieutenant Hruzek added.
DPS adds, “The investigation is ongoing and all the contributing factors are still unknown. The Texas Department of Public Safety would like to remind all drivers to abide by traffic laws, minimize distractions, don’t drive fatigued, control your speed and always wear your safety belt. The crash report can be obtained at once the investigation is completed.”
Please see the obituary section for information on services honoring the life of this young man.