The Gobble Gobbles

While not on my favorite list of species to pursue in La Brasada, we are in Turkey Season right now. We manage to have some on our acres due to the creek bottom part that is full of oak trees adjoining some fertile red sand farmland. But in my well over 6 decades of hunting, I have not ever felt the need to harvest one.
That does not mean they have not caused me many moments of joy through the years. Watching the “strutting around” of the males trying to impress the ladies each Spring is simply a slightly different tune of the behavior exhibited by rutting bucks in December. Or likely most Saturday nights at multiple “human watering holes” scattered all over. I go out of my way to observe that first two examples above but have avoided the last one for a long spell.
Our daughter, in her very young years, labeled them Gobble Gobbles and the term has stuck. Her children often will ask if we are going to see any Gobble Gobbles when driving down to our place. They all firmly believe that the spreading of corn at the various feeding locations must have “designated spots” for the deer, hogs, and turkeys. I simply watch in amusement as the United Nations level of negotiations occur in terms of how locations are allocated to which species.
In my backwoods way of figuring out things NO purpose is served pointing out that NONE of the wild animals care about such Human Boundaries and simply adapt to opportunities presented for safety, food, and producing another round of offspring. I imagine at some point in time that the 5th generation of our family will figure out that fact of nature.
But for now I am perfectly content to let those young ones create their own approach to the care and support of ALL those magnificent species the Good Lord has allowed us to interact with while out in our part of His Creation that has been entrusted to us. And that includes taking some care of the Gobble Gobbles!