The Gingerbread Man #2?

Changing Tucker’s diaper has become a game of cat and mouse. He is a fast little mouse and loves it. Around and round the furniture he goes, when mama will catch him nobody knows!
Every time I get close, he dives under the table or his high chair or something. It’s a good thing I have big sister A’Dell, the warden. She can outrun him most of the time, but his sly little moves sometimes leave her grasping for nothing but air too. Most of the time, we have to corner him by coming at him from both sides.
After a long diaper changing mission last night, I said to A’Dell, “He’ll probably make a good little running back for the football team someday.”
“Uh, definitely,” she replied.
He’s an elusive little guy. Thinking of how we must look, reminds me of watching former Warhorse Joseph Saddler who was nicknamed the “Gingerbread man” for the way he ran, ran as fast as he can, dodging and shaking off defenders left and right. I wonder if his mom had this much trouble with him when he was a toddler.
I am sure that someday we will be real proud of the way Tucker shakes off four defenders three times his size as he runs for the game-winning touchdown. But, for now, if you see my son (Gingerbread Man #2) running around with an extra heavy diaper that needs changing, don’t judge me. I’m probably still trying to catch my breath from the last diaper changing chase off.