Campa completes 45 years of City service

Lytle PD officers handled 50 calls for service this past week. As is the “norm” …. most of those were not directly related to a criminal offense. If we had 50 crimes reported a week, I guess I would get fired and then I would move, or maybe move first then get fired. This week, only one property crime. Somebody painted a symbol on the menu board at Burger King.
We had two arrests, one for public intoxication and one with a couple of warrants. The intoxicated person, a pedestrian, was located on Main St. He couldn’t provide us any info. on somebody that we could release him to, and it wasn’t safe to let him go. He was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. The warrant arrest was the result of a traffic accident, while investigating the crash a routine check revealed 2 active theft warrants out of Atascosa Co. That is just some bad luck.
I want to recognize Ofc. David Lopez, he recently completed 10 years of service to the City of Lytle. He spent a few years in public works and then put himself through the police academy, he joined our team after he got out of the academy. He is a committed and dedicated employee.
If you think 10 years sounds like a long time then you don’t know about our city secretary, Josie Campa. She just completed 45 years of service! The records indicate 45 years, but you know they didn’t always keep good records back then. I believe she has been with the city much longer.
When Santa Ana was on the way to the Alamo, his army spent the night in Lytle. Josie found out and had the code compliance guy ride out (remember, horses…not pickups at that time) and tell them they needed an overnight camping permit. When Santa Ana was captured at San Jacinto, he had the receipt signed by Ms. Campa in his pocket. This would make sense; he would have kept it so he could get reimbursed when he got back to Mexico City.
She has always looked out for the city’s money. Even when Texas seceded from the union and joined the Confederate States. She told the council she was afraid the city bank accounts would end up being full of worthless Confederate money.
The last time she took anytime off was during World War II, she went to work in a defense plant. She became the model for the famous “Josie the Riveter” posters.
To say the city has been fortunate to have her is an understatement.
If she hangs around to the 50-year mark, count me out. I am plumb out of stuff to write about.