The Big Trees

They are known by several names like Giant Redwoods or Giant Sequoia and they do not grow just anywhere. They are the largest trees in the world by total mass. They may grow to a height of 150 to 280 feet tall and have trunk diameters of 16 to 23 feet. The tallest had a height of 307 feet with a trunk diameter of 29 feet and possibly the oldest is over 3200 years old. They do not start bearing seed until they are 12 years old and start out from a very small seed that is only 1/8 to1/4 inch long and about the thickness of a fingernail. These trees remind me of a topic the Bible mentions numerous times. The Kingdom of Heaven! The Bible says it started out like a very tiny seed but will grow to become very large, (Matt 13:31 & 32). It is where God abides and rules, (Isaiah 63:15 & 66:1, Matthew 16:17). Christ Jesus ascended there after His crucifixion, (Mark 16:19, John 20:17) and it is not visible today but will be revealed in the future, (John 18:36, Colossians 3:4, Revelation 21:1-4). Jesus taught that it is available to us, (Luke 8:1) but only to those that know Him personally, (Luke 10:20, John 1:12). Those that have rejected Christ will never be allowed there, (Matthew 18:3, Hebrews 3:18 & 19). See you in Church next Sunday. Brother J