Ten-year-old Jayden is seeking his forever family – could you be that family??

Jayden is one of many South Texas kiddos just waiting for thier forever family to come along. He is a young boy with a big smile that can light up a room!

He loves being outside, and like many children his age, getting to splash around in puddles post rain. Also outside, Jayden has fun helping in the garden, getting to pick the fruits and vegetables he helped to cultivate and grow.
When it comes to education, reading books with lots of visuals, and mastering new skills & tasks are what he likes most about learning.
Jayden has a special place in his heart pets, as he enjoys being around them, and helps assist in feeding the animals, with his current foster parents.
Some additional favorites Jayden enjoys, are going to the splash pad during warm days. On the menu, chicken nuggets or tacos top the list of first-choice foods.
Jayden will benefit from a two-parent household and initially being the only child for a little while, as they develop a family routine together.
If you think you could be Jayden’s forever parents, or for another Texas child, please contact the department at 1-800-233-3405.
You can also view the NEW www.heartgallerystx.org website, where South Texas children have their portraits along with individual personal stories they wish to share, with their future forever family.