Suspicious men approach girl crossing street

A truck with 3-4 men recently approached a young girl in a suspicious incident near the golf course this past Thursday. It happened outside a home on Malone Street in Devine around 4-5 pm. The 18-year-old girl stated it was a 4-door gray truck with black rims, and that the person who jumped out of the vehicle appeared to be a young white male though most of his head was concealed by a hoodie.

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“My daughter went to her friend’s house which is right across the street from the golf course, and when she went outside, she noticed that there was a gray truck coming around the curb real slow. She waited for them to drive by so she could cross the street, but they just kept driving really slow,” said George Moralez of Devine.
“As she crossed, a guy jumped out from the back passenger side of the truck and started walking up behind her real quickly. She could hear him come up behind her, and then he said something like “Excuse me, would you like a card?” and she replied “No thank you,” and kept going toward the house, but he kept pursuing her as she ran toward the house. ”
“She ran inside and closed the door and called the police,” Moralez said. “By the time the girls went back out to look, he had jumped back in the truck and they took off. It really scared her. We don’t know if the man was really handing out business cards or if it was an abduction attempt or what, but it was really suspicious. No one else in the area said they had anyone come around handing out cards or anything, and why did he chase her up towards the house after she said no?”
If you know anything about this, or have seen anything similar please report it to Devine PD at 830-663-4403.

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