Search in Devine area continues

Border Patrol Agents are warning area residents around CR 660/ FM 2200 that a truck carrying illegal aliens crashed through a fence on County Road 660 this past Monday morning June 8, and several illegal aliens fled on foot.
Authorities believe that 6-7 illegal aliens ran and hid in the area.
The vehicle was found on the Waters family ranch.

“The truck, which they believe is stolen was found abandoned inside our place. They crashed through our new fence, and they also ran through our electric interior fences. They probably drove 3/4 of a mile into our place, and then abandoned the truck (keys in it),” the family stated.
So far none have been apprehended according to a media representative for Border Patrol.
“The vehicle was identified as suspicious so agents were in pursuit of the vehicle, but lost of sight of the truck before it eventually went through the fence and into another property. Agents are still out searching and trying to put the pieces together on this,” the representative stated Tuesday, noting that they are working other cases in the area that are not believed to be related, and that may be why there is some confusion in the community about whether or not any have been apprehended in this case.
They are warning residents “DO NOT LEAVE KEYS IN YOUR VEHICLES! Lock your doors. CALL 911 IF YOU SEE SOMEONE.”
According to reports, this Tuesday, June 9, one illegal approached a local family this morning in their driveway around 9 am.

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