Praying for Baby Delcan…a living miracle

We are sending prayers to North Carolina this week for the Morel family, and their sweet baby boy Delcan Dean Morel. We wanted to share his story with our readers here in Texas and everywhere, as a lot of prayers are needed for this little miracle.

“When I say miracle, I absolutely mean 100% a complete and total living, breathing miracle. This boy is showing everyone how great our God is and we couldn’t be more proud,” stated his mother Melissa.

On June 30, 2020 baby Declan was born at 4 lbs and 4 oz. This sweet little angel was unable to breathe on his own when he came into this world, and was extremely swollen, in addition to having a cleft lip. They later discovered his brain has excess fluid on it and heart problems were discovered as well.

“While Nathaniel and I are indeed overjoyed that our sweet Declan Dean made his appearance, we are also overwhelmed with emotion and praying for God’s hand of healing and mercy on our baby boy,” Melissa said. “Declan means ‘man of prayer’ and Dean means ‘valley’ – these names could not be more appropriate for this fighter of a little boy. We will be praying our way through this valley each and every day.”

On Day 2 in the NICU, she stated, “Declan had an amazing day and my momma heart is so full and grateful for all of the prayers we’ve been getting. It’s as though a blanket of comfort has been thrown over my shoulders and it means more than I can say that people who don’t even know us are praying for our boy.”

On Day 3, she reported, “His facial swelling has gone down so much that he’s almost unrecognizable from when he was first born. So that is a HUGE victory and a blessing from God. We’re hopeful that the swelling in his head will continue to go down…..They’ve got him on a different ventilator setting that allows him to breathe on his own with the machine set to kick in if he skips a breath. They did have to up the oxygen to assist him for a bit, but he’s breathing on his own with the assistance and we are just floored and so proud of him.”

By Day 4 in the ICU, she stated, “Facial swelling is down even more and he’s getting so much more active every single day…..His progress at this point just keeps blowing everyone away…..All of your prayers and well wishes have clearly been working miracles for our boy and we are forever grateful.”