Paving CR 6612 to begin soon

Got a little cooler but still no rain. Don’t know why I put this in, everybody knows this and don’t need to be told. When it does cool off for good, gonna go take a ride to Leakey and visit Dale Stehle for lunch. Haven’t seen him in a while…think he’s gone hermit on us. He’s the kind of guy that will tell you how to build a watch when you ask him what time it is.
We got some good news at the bid opening for the Courthouse Annex and Jail Expansion projects. Seems our Architects were not pleased with the final submissions by the contractors and told them to go back and cut a million off of their estimates. Guess they thought we was the Federal Government. Think I’ll get along with these Architects.
We approved some grants and an investment policy for the County and a software service addendum and a Master Interlocal Agreement and approved an Order to Waiver and all that other un-interesting, blah blah stuff that goes on in Commissioners Court that’s gotta be done. Not a lotta interesting stuff to write about this time.
We are planning on starting or starting to plan the paving of the portion of CR 6612 (Fish Hatchery Rd) from Cemetery Rd to FM 463 this week. Should only take a couple weeks to get it done unless it decides to rain and if it does rain during this time, I am gonna take the credit.
Some folks have noticed that we now are in possession or our new tractor what we use to shred with and have started trimming the roadways. We got schooled on the buzzers and switches and what not, so now we got a lot of catching up to do in this area.
Still waiting on the State. Already had two birthdays since I became interested in this TxDOT property and have written the Governor’s office and spoke with our State Senator and State Representative about the lag in the process. Got a standard “Thank you for contacting” email from the Governor’s office and the Senator and Representatives office have contacted me twice with follow up status reports. Soon as we get the word, I’ll get another trailer down here and collect tires again.
Bad weekend for UT and ATM but, a good one for Devine. Seems the Hondoans came cross the Creek with the idea of keeping the creek name unchanged. Well, we can call it Devine Creek this year. Hard fought back and forth game with Devine coming out on top. Only thing disappointing was the stands on our side weren’t full…. a lotta empty seats on the home side.
Only 70 more days til CHRISTmas..Gotta get through a granddaughters wedding and Halloween and Thanksgiving first.