Nothing yet…

Nothing yet…got sprinkles on my window this morning between Lytle and Natalia. Too late to do the Bluebonnets any good but, we sure could use enough rain to fill Medina Lake and make Francisco Creek run.
How you like our situation in America so far? The current Administration has totally messed up America as we used to know it and their only excuse is that it was someone else’s fault. Gas, groceries, utilities and such are steadily going up in cost as the value of our dollar is declining. Soon, looks like money will have no value at all…may have to rely on cards that tell us how much money (“credits” in the Sci-Fi movies) we have available and there’ll probly be restrictions on how it can be used.
Talked about reform last time and the need for reform (rather, the return to the old ways) in our educational institutions. Since the summer of love in Portland and Seattle this past year, Law Enforcement has been under constant attack by the purple haired crowd with degrees in philosophy and political science as being too brutal. This is the same crowd that believes that there are 47 different genders. Guess professional protesting has its advantages…they scream and squawk and get lotsa attention.
There are bad apples in every profession, and they need to be eliminated. Our government is overloaded with crooked politicians out to enrich themselves at the tax payers’ expense. Look at how many went to DC and came out millionaires. Our small-town school districts employ pedophiles, and these folks should be fired…from society. Police departments have officers that should be in jail.
With the development of GPS tracking and body cameras and society moving toward the softening of consequences, Law Enforcement is becoming ostracized. I remember when the GPS tracking was implemented and sold as a method of greater safety for officers. But the Supervisors, some of which had never been on the streets longer than the period between promotional tests, used it as a means of discipline for things like staying in one location too long or being out of the area assigned.
The folks that stand by and watch a law enforcement officer fight for his life by whatever means necessary (and filming the incident so they can post it on social media) without lending a hand are worthless. AND, once the handcuffs are on…the fight is over…or should be. Unless you have fought for your life in the middle of the street at midnight or tried to control a meth head who did not want to be arrested, your opinion has no weight with me in an incident like this. I took an oath once that still applies. I will jump in. I will help. I will use whatever means necessary.
And to make a few other folks mad…there is only one race and it’s called the Human Race. Also, there are only two genders…male and female.
On a lighter note, looks like Commissioner Lawler and his crew are ready to put the finishing touches on CR 777. Gonna be nice. Heard George Alexander and Ron Outlaw had to free a bull what got caught in a cattle guard last week. They shoulda put in a bull guard instead. Congrats to the Lytle HS basketball teams for making it to the State Tournament…heckuva accomplishment.