Not your janatizer

I was in the middle of changing Tucker’s outfit (which can be quite a chore with my squirmy little boy), when I asked big sister to throw away his dirty diaper. She quickly responded with a scowl and said “Mooooom—I am not your janatizer.”
I was so busy laughing at her mispronunciation that I couldn’t even scold her for scowling at me. She went on to say it several more times, and apparently just never knew the word was pronounced “janitor.” Anyway, I had a good laugh, and I needed it.
These kids of mine always have a way of making me smile. I taught little Tucker “patty cake” yesterday, and it was so precious. He is an expert clapper, so he has the beginning down pat….patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man, bake me a cake as fast as you can. But when it comes to the part where you “roll it up,” he just has no earthly idea what to do with his hands and fingers, but he tries and tries to “roll” them. It’s adorable, and he is too excited and busy smiling and laughing at us by the end of the nursery rhyme to do the “throw it in the pan” motion either, so it’s a work in progress, but I’m loving every minute of it. He just bounces up and down and can hardly contain himself when me and big sissy start singing that nursery rhyme.
Well, I finally coaxed through the long and elongated process of cleaning her room this past week. It’s amazing how much effort it takes to get kids to do chores, rather than just doing it myself. She is always acting like she can’t possibly think of a way to organize things, and begging me to “help her.” Usually when I start “helping” her I find myself doing most of the work. Anyways, next time it’s time to clean her room I am going to make sure to tell her “I am your mother—not your janatizer!”