NJH 7th Grade Stangs fall to Dilley

The 7th Grade Boys Football team hosted the Dilley Pups on 10/17/19 for their second district game of the year. Natalia came up short vs. Dilley.
The Pups received the opening kick-off and created a 3 minute and 46 second drive, which resulted in a touchdown. Their quarterback scored on a 15 yard run. They were not successful on the two point attempt.
The Mustangs received the kick-off and attempted to respond with their first possession. However, they fumbled on their own 42 yard line and the Pups were able to recover the loose ball. The Mustangs defense sacked the quarterback and created a long yardage situation for the Pups.
The Pups attempted a pass but the quarterback was under pressure. He scrambled and weaved through the defenders and was finally brought down after a 44 yard run at the 2 yard line. This set them up for an easy rush down the middle for another touchdown. The two point conversion attempt was stuffed by the Mustangs.
In the second quarter, the Mustangs brought out their offense and tried to get some momentum going. They converted a few first downs, but were stopped and had to punt. However, the snap was fumbled during the punt and Dilley took over possession at their own 25 yard line.
The Pups drove the ball down the field and were able to score once again, and added a two point conversion. With the Mustangs down 0-20, they had to get something going. But the Pups’ defense was able to stop the Mustangs and force them to punt.
On the punt return, the Pups’ returner was able to avoid several defenders and was nearly brought down. He kept his feet and was able to run to the end zone for another score. The two point conversion was no good.
The Mustangs were desperate for a score and moved the ball down the field before the half. They were able to convert on a 22 yard pass from Nestor Lopez to Denton Nelson for a touchdown. They did not convert the two point conversion, which put them down 6-26 at halftime.
The third quarter was a defensive battle as each defense was able to hold off the opposing from scoring. As the fourth quarter began, the Pups were able to create a positive drive and scored another touchdown from 15 yards out, with a successful two point conversion.
Natalia needed some big plays and tried to move the ball down the field quickly. They attempted a pass to one of their receivers, which fell into the hands of a Dilley defender. He was able to intercept it and run it all the way in for a 48 yard touchdown. The two point attempt was good and put the game out of distance for the Mustangs with them down 6-42.
This would be the final score of the game as the Mustangs fell to the Pups. They will re-gather themselves and prepare for next week’s test against the Poth Pirates. The game will be at Poth starting at 5:00 PM.
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