Natalia Police Report July 1-4

July 1
7:02 PM – Officer responded to the 700 block of Miller St. for a child custody exchange. The father wanted to document that his ex-wife was not present to exchange their child and was in violation of their court order.
July 2
1:27 AM – Officer responded to the 500 block of Aubrey St. for a verbal disturbance. Officer arrived on scene and spoke to all parties involved. The complainant was upset because her granddaughter invited her cousin and little girl to stay with her to help take care of her kids while she worked. The complainant agreed to wait till morning and have that relative go stay elsewhere.
July 3
12:06 AM – Officer responded to the IH-35 W. access road for a loaded trailer that fell off the back of the truck, blocking the entire roadway. Morales Towing was called and later removed the trailer off the roadway safely and back onto its original truck. Officer cleared the scene without further incident.
July 4
7:40 PM – Officer responded to the 400 block of 7th St. for a disturbance in progress. Officer arrived with numerous people outside on the street and requesting for police backup. The argument got heated and the officer had to handcuff the aggressor in the crowd, trying to sort out the story. Officer later determined there was no assault on anyone and all parties were separated and released without further incident.