Natalia Police Report

06/10-Disturbance – Officer on duty was radio dispatched to a verbal disturbance at the Love’s Truck Stop regarding a male individual who was arguing with the management staff and refusing to leave the premises after being repeatedly asked.

Upon arrival at the location the Officer made contact with the Manager who informed the Officer that the subject had been pulling on the Subway door until it broke from attempting to keep the subject from entering the store. When informed the police had been called and departed prior to the Officer’s arrival on scene. A few hours later another dispatched call was received that the subject had returned to the truck stop and caused a disturbance after an employee refused to provide the subject with a Love’s employee shirt so he could steal a vehicle from the parking lot. This refusal resulted in the subject entering the store and attempting to take the registers. After a customer intervened and the subject fled the property before the Officer arrived at the location. The subject proceeded to burglarize the corporate office but had once again fled the scene prior to the Officer’s arrival at the location. The Officer called MCSO for back up. Once the Sheriff Officer made the location an interior and rood search was conducted for the subject. Witness statements and store video provided to the Officers it allowed the subject to be identified.
06/11-Animal Control – Officer on duty was dispatched to a location with loose dogs in the roadway. The caller stated that the dogs had chased her and were aggressive. The Officer made the location just as the dog’s owner came home. The Officer issued a citation to the owner for his dogs being loose on the street.
06/11-Loose dog – Officer on duty noticed a loose gray and white Pit Bull running loose. The Officer was able to capture the dog and transport him to the City Kennels.
06/13-Information – Officer on duty was dispatched to the Chubby’s Truck Stop in reference to a minor accident. Upon arrival at the location contact was made with the driver who stated that while driving on IH35 South a deer jumped across the highway and he struck it with his vehicle. The driver was not able to slow down to avoid the deer and sustained damage to his truck. The Officer gathered the information and a report was completed to document the accident and damage.
06/14-Theft – Officer on duty was radio dispatched to Cubb’s for a report of a Theft. Upon arrival at the location contact was made with the clerk who witnessed a subject stealing several purses from the front of the establishment valued at approximately $200.00. The clerk provided a description of the subject and the vehicle being driven, however, a search of the area did not yield anyone matching the description on the premises. The Officer notified dispatch of his findings.
06/14-Information – Officer received a call about individuals on bikes near the Natalia School District gazebo. The Officer arrived at the location and did not see any bikes or people in the area.
06/14-Community Outreach – Officer on duty stopped by the Natalia Library to give out stickers and show the kids the police vehicle.
06/15- A Civil Matter – Officer on duty was dispatched to make a phone call about a civil matter. The nurse provider was contacted via telephone. She stated that her patient is an elderly woman who cares for her grandson who is under the age of 10. She reported that the grandson had thrown a 20 ounce soda bottle at his grandmother and called her a bad name. The Officer informed the nurse provider to advise her patient to call 911 and make a report if this behavior was happening. This is a civil matter and needs to be addressed by the courts.
06/15-Welfare Check – Officer on duty was dispatched to location for a Welfare Check on the caller’s mother. Upon arrival at the location the Officer knocked on the door and no one answered. At that time the daughter arrived at the location and did not have the key to get in the home. The Officer and daughter could hear her mother stating she was on the floor and could not get up. The daughter stated she did not care if the back window was broken so entry into the house could be obtained. The Officer climbed into the master room and unlocked the front door. EMS was called and made the location to check on the mother. The mother was then transported to the Santa Rosa Hospital by EMS for further care.
06/16- AOA Citizen – Officer on duty was dispatched to complainants location to address unknown people at her home Upon arrival at the location a search of the residence and outside surrounding area was conducted and no one was seen or located by the Officer.
06/16- Civil Matter – Officer on duty received a phone call about a child exchange situation. The caller stated that the ex partner had gotten mad and refused to allow the caller to pick up his child on Father’s Day. The Officer explained that this was a civil matter which needed to be heard and resolved in court. The caller was advised to take his complaint to Hondo for resolution.