Natalia battles Sabinal in five sets

Natalia held their first home game on August 13th and took Sabinal to five sets. In the 2-3 loss, the Lady Mustangs were able to work on their rotations and ball recovery while facing a team who was just as hungry for the early season win.
“With the first home game of the season the Lady Mustangs took Sabinal to five sets that were fought until the end. This is an early season stumble that we are confident in our girls to overcome together. Regardless of the outcome, we are always looking to improve and games like these are what we need to get us there,” stated Coach Tara Cortinas.
Digs: Angelica Padilla 6, Hailey Manka 5, Angelina Zapata 4. Aces: Katelyn Corona 4, Zapata 3. Kills: Padilla 8, Corona 5. Assists: Christina Fulton 7, Bailey Boucher 4.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer