Medina County reporting 74 COVID cases

Medina County is now at 74 confirmed cases of COVID-19. We have seen an increase of 54 new cases since April 29th, but a wit a majority of those new cases are within the outbreak in local prisons (39 offenders have COVID) and 6 prison staff have COVID. In the community, Medina County has seen 9 new cases reported in the past month.

Local leaders are relieved that we did not see a big spike in community cases even after congregation on Memorial Day.

The four latest cases were reported as follows-

Two cases have been confirmed 6/1/20:

1 – resides in 78009 Zip Code believed to have contracted through travel outside the County within Texas

1 – resides in 78861 Zip Code TDCJ prison staff member

Two New cases were confirmed 05/27/2020:

1 TDCJ new Prison Offender

1 TDCJ new Staff resides in 78850 Zip Code

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