Mean Aunt Kayleen

It was a pretty good weekend. First we got to have a cousin sleepover with Audrey and Pauliney. The kids had so much fun playing and arguing. We have two tiny trampolines and at one point Tucker agitated Audrey by jumping on her trampoline so she fixed that pretty fast. She picked up the end of it and dumped him right off. It’s okay though, Tucker landed on his feet just like a cat. Audrey is normally super sweet and patient with her hyperactive cousin, so it really cracked me up though I had to be “mean Aunt Kayleen” and correct her, for which she never forgave me that Saturday. I hardly did anything other than using a stern voice, but she cried for close to 30 minutes. She’s one of those super sweet angel children, and it makes it so hard when they actually do something wrong.
On Sunday, I had a real treat. I reconnected with my old college roommate Melissa and she came for a day at the ranch. It was the first time we’ve seen each other in 16 years, so that was a blast! It’s funny how you can go so long without seeing a good friend. When I first left for college in San Angelo I was incredibly homesick and super shy, and Melissa quickly became my best buddy in college. I’ve always loved her and thought of her over the years but our families took us to two different states. I am so glad to have her back in Texas!
After 16 years of not seeing each other, a lot has happened, but we picked up right where we left off, and I felt just like a kid again getting to see her. One of the funniest things is seeing your kids play together. I always love that.