Lytle ISD Board to discuss graduation options in meeting April 30

The Lytle ISD Board of Trustees is holding a Special meeting on Thursday, April 30 to discuss graduation ceremony options for the Class of 2020.

The meeting will be held via Zoom, and instructions for joining will be posted on the LISD website at

Superintendent Michelle Smith announced the news in her most recent weekly update video posted to LISD’s website on April 27.

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“Only Board members will be in the discussion, as other participants will be muted,” Smith said. “We will have an opportunity for input via email that will be provided.”

Smith said that several options for graduation will be discussed, including a live, face-to-face graduation on the football field.

“This seems to be the most desired option at this time, and we are committed to at least trying to devise a plan that might allow this to happen.”

Smith said an in-person graduation will require coordination with local officials and won’t be solely at LISD’s discretion. Backup plans in case an in-person graduation is ruled out will also be discussed.

“As things progress during the month of May, the plans we make now may have to change,” Smith said, “so we ask everyone to continue to be patient and flexible as we navigate through these unusual times.”

Questions about or ideas for graduation may be emailed to

By Marly Davis

Staff Writer

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