Locals weigh concerns over economy versus spread of COVID

We put out a poll, asking “What do you consider the greatest threat right now?

Staying Closed hurting the local economy or Spread of COVID-19?”

An overwhelming majority supported concern over the economy, while others also made some good points. The following are some of the many responses from local people regarding this issue:

Randi Nicole Bockholt commented, “Staying closed. The closing down of stuff was just to slow the spread and help relieve the pressure on the hospitals so they didn’t crash and we didn’t have masses of people dying because they didn’t have the equipment to help people. Now that the spread has slowed we need to open things slowly back up.”

Rhonda Gordon commented, “The Economy will be back… Your life and our loved one’s life won’t come back.”

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Sherrie Wilkins commented, “Both!! But for the safety and health we need to take it for what it is and keep our Faith and help one another during these times.”

Krys Marie commented ,”Staying closed. Most of our local businesses can’t afford to keep the doors closed another month.”
Kirsten Scott Bates stated, “If people would wear a mask, wash/sanitize their hands and practice social distancing I would feel better about it. But with so many people ignoring the guidelines, I feel like we are gonna get a second wave that will be worse.”

Emilio Flores commented, “Both can be important. We have to have a nuanced approach. We have to balance the economic disaster with the public health emergency… do we reopen to fast and see a flare up of the coronavirus? Or we adjust the way we operate and do business. Remember it’s going to affect people with underlying health issues the most. We have to protect our loved ones, our parents, grandparents aunts and uncles. The spread can be prevented AND the economic loss can be mitigated if we adjust how we operate and adapt! Keep in mind it’s not a open up and things go back to normal… people need to feel safe to go out. An open sign doesn’t change that but a change in operations and a focus on keeping people safe does. Adapt to the times. The public health crisis and the reopening of the economy are not independent of each other!”

Hortencia De La Garza commented, “Our country has gone through hard times before and we’ve come out stronger. They can open up whatever they want and we have the right to stay home or go out. I’ll respect everyone’s decision.”

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