Local tribute to fallen heroes killed in the 9/11 attack

Lt. Frank Lugo participated in the San Antonio 110 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Warhorse Stadium this past Friday, September 11, 2020 in honor of fallen heroes.
“Every year, the San Antonio 110 is held to honor the 343 firefighters lost in the terrorist attack at the World Trade Center. Participants climb the equivalent of 110 floors at the Tower of the Americas to pay tribute to these brave men and women of FDNY who lost their lives that day. To complete the equivalent of 110 floors, the Tower of the Americas must be climbed TWICE. Additional tributes are made to fallen EMS and LEO,” stated his daughter Jessica Alexander.

Lugo and his grandson Jaxon Alexander, who was proud to have his class watch this tribute made by his grandpa.
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This year due to Covid-19, the event took place virtually. Frank completed the climb at Warhorse Stadium, completing 50 flights up and down the bleachers in full firefighting gear.
Some Devine 2nd grade classes were able to witness the climb and ask questions about the meaning of this tribute, extending on the 9/11 discussions in the classroom from that morning.
Frank is a former member of the Devine VFD, and is currently in the USAA Emergency Response Team, serving as Lieutenant.
“It is my honor to carry Capt. Patrick Waters tribute tag. I get to go home. Never forget,” Lugo said.
Teacher Kami Wagoner welcomed the opportunity for her students to witness this meaningful tribute.
“We took some of our 2nd grade classes over to watch him. It was better than any book or video. It was an amazing tribute! Hope he does it here next year too,” Wagoner said.
He wore a special badge in honor of Special Ops Command Captain Patrick Waters.

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