Local contested races…
Tax freeze put to Medina voters, County Judge race for Atascosa voters

This is a sample of the Tax Freeze proposition that is up to the voters of Medina County.

Medina County voters will get a chance to vote on the proposition for an ad valorem tax freeze for homesteads of an individual over 65 years of age.
Voting Underway…Locations and Times are inside.

Contested local races on Medina County ballot
County Commissioner, Pct 4.
Daniel Lawler (REP)
Loyd Richeson (DEM)

County Commissioner, Pct. 2
Larry Sittre (REP) incumbent
Van Johnson (DEM)

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1
Phillip M Lange (REP)
Dan Young (DEM)

Contested local races on Atascosa County ballot
Atascosa County Judge
Weldon P. Cude- Rep
Dustin Delgado- Dem
County Commissioner Pct 2
Mark Bowen – Rep
Vickie Eckert- Dem

Justice of Peace, Pct. 1
Felix Herrera III- Rep
Charles Urbina Jones- Dem
Justice of Peace, Pct. 3
Willie Leal Jr- Rep
Orlando Carrasco-Dem

There are many state races including a contested Governor race as well as US Representative for District 23. Sample ballots include the following candidates for our area:

US Rep for District 23
Tony Gonzales (REP) incumbent
John Lira (DEM)
Frank Lopez Jr (IND)

Greg Abbott (REP) incumbent
Beto O’Rouke (DEM)
Mark Tippetts (LIB)
Delilah Barrios (GRN)
These are just a few of the state races. See full Sample Ballots on the county Elections website.