Law busting up local Check Forgery ring

An investigation that began about seven months ago is coming to a head as Castroville PD has arrested and booked two suspects into jail including a male subject and a female subject (husband and wife), charged with multiple counts of Forgery of a Financial Instrument. The fictitious checks have drained hundreds of dollars from many residents and business owners in Medina and Atascosa Counties. Another arrest is possible as this investigation continues.

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“In a search warrant last year, we also found six printers and a laptop that were used in this operation which we’ve been investigating since August of last year,” said Detective Sergeant Gary Russell. “We have confiscated at least 12 forged checks in this investigation passed by the couple’s and accomplices, and these are not small checks. They are $400 and $500 dollars, and they seem to be getting larger. Most recently, the female subject was arrested after trying to pass a $5,000 check to buy a truck from a man in Natalia.”
“We believe the suspects are getting account and routing numbers from mail, and or by befriending people,” Sgt. Russell said. “The checks look real to untrained eyes, and unfortunately suspects were able to pass through 80% of them.”
The male subject was picked up as Castroville PD served him a warrant on February 20th. He is charged with three counts of Forgery of Financial Instrument.
Back on February 8th, Castroville PD also picked up the female subject, who faces multiple charges including Forgery of Financial Instrument. They were both booked into Medina County Jail, and the female subject remains behind bars, while the male subject has bonded out.

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