Lady Mustang lifters win the gold again

The Natalia Lady Mustang Powerlifting squad was able to win the gold for the third time this season with 66 team points. Natalia finished atop of ten teams in attendance with a stellar showing.
“A total of ten girls have qualified thus far for regional which is exciting,” Natalia Head Coach Jasmine Vasquez said. “We look forward to seeing that number rise as we near the end of our regular season.”
Natalia’s 66 team points finished ahead of Devine (37), Cotulla (35), Pleasanton (14), South San (11), Blanco, Harlandale, Jourdanton, Canyon Lake and John F. Kennedy High School when it came to team finishes.
Natalia’s Bryanna Perez brought home the best Light Lifter award last Thursday evening thanks to her finish in the 105 lb. weight class. Perez used a 265 lb. squat, a 150 lb. bench press and a 300 lb. dead lift to account for a 715 lb. total.
The girls in blue had a total of six Lady Mustangs who were able to win the gold and six more that finished in the top three.
Here is a look at those top finishers: (Squat-Bench-Deadlift-Total)
97. lb. WC: Sophia Padilla-1st 195-90-240-525; 105 lb. Wc: Meg Martinez-3rd place (260-150-240-650); 114 lb. Wc: Jalesca Schorsh-1st place (260-140-255-655); 123 lb. Wc: Jelli Padilla-2nd place (300-140-275-715); 132 lb. Wc: Julie Rivera-2nd place (305-125-255-685); 148 lb. Wc: Sofia Almendarez-2nd place (310-165-300-775); 165 lb. Wc: Gabby Santoya-2nd place (330-155-300-785); 181 lb. Wc: Gabriella Munoz-1st place (410-175-310-895), Dezarae Perez-2nd place (315-190-305-810); 198 lb. Wc: Jasmine Ramon-1st place (345-175-345-865); 259 lb. Wc: Jiselle Gonzales-1st place (40-5-200-335-940).
Sixteen additional Natalia Lady Mustangs competed and were able to place and they were as follows: 105 lb. Wc: Genesis Perez-5th (530 lb. total); 114 lb. Wc: Dominque Banda-4th (595 lb. total), Brianna Paredes-5th (560 lb. total), Ava Sanchez-8th (505 lb. total); 123 lb. Wc: Angelina Zapata-4th (685 lb. total), Bella Martinez-5th (625 lb. total), Hailey Manka-6th (585 lb. total), Rebekah Sanchez-7th (570 lb. total), Kamryn Alderete-8th (555 lb. total); 132 lb. Wc: Liberty Gilkey (615 lb. total), Gabby Contreras-6th (585 lb. total); 148 lb. Wc: Kaelyn Lara-9th (645 total), Carla Covarrubias-16th (530 lb. total); 165 lb. Wc: Ashley Sutton-5th (640 lb. total), Valeria Saenz-11th (520 lb. total); 181 lb. Wc: Marina Billalobos-4th (595 lb. total).
The following Lady Mustangs have qualified for Regional: Jalesca Schorsh, Angelina Zapata, Jisselle Gonzalez, Jasmine Ramon, Dezarae Perez, Angelica Padilla, Emily Wheeler, Bryanna Perez, Meg Martinez and Gabby Munoz.
The Natalia Lady Mustangs will be back in action this Thursday February 20th.
By Eric Smith
Staff Writer